For owners and developers of real estate, we offer property management services. With 500.000 square meters of property under our care, we guarantee you professional property management.

Property management


In our view, property management is the optimisation of the building quality in a broad sense. In technical manner by budgeting the necessary financial resources and coordinating the implementation process. Administratively by overseeing rent collecting, service charges and budgeted expenditures. In a commercial manner by limiting the vacancy, focusing on remaining current tenants and a competitive procurement. EPOC maintains good contacts with real estate agents and is performing as a lease coordination manager.

We believe that property management has a lot in common with relation management. Intensive contact and good communication with owner, tenant and suppliers are the conditions for continuity and achieving the goals of the owner. By anticipating rather than reacting we are appropriately responding to achieving the goals.

We correspond in a transparent manner with the different parties who we work for. We even provide the possibility to work with a custom-made digital portal to provide and receive information directly. For example, clients can keep up with the actual financial parameters or tenants can follow the maintenance works and send out a fault reporting through this portal. EPOC will handle the faults from there.

Concept development


The amount of vacancy amongst the office buildings has reached huge proportions. Owners in the retail sector are also facing increasing vacancy in malls. The majority regards structural vacancy which, without a professional intervention, will not be filled again. In consultation with the client, EPOC will draw up plans and working concepts with the aim to render the object.

For example, EPOC can assess if and in what form a vacant office building is suitable to transform into a residential or a custom-tailored new destination. EPOC investigates the possibilities within the needs amongst the local market and possibilities within permits. We optimize the plan in relation to the expected costs and revenues.

Construction management


A renovation is a complex activity. For each project we pursue several goals, such as cost control, quality, efficiency and a correct planning. We coordinate the process on behalf of and in accordance with the wishes of the owner or developer.