Our facility management services are intended for tenants and end users of offices, to provide more insight and guidance on the daily housing. Our services make daily housing more transparent and manageable. Often, this will lead to significant savings. Our facility management services include:

Service charges counseling


Based on our expertise, EPOC is able to provide you with a clear and detailed overview on your service charges. The current Dutch standard for service charges – catering, security and reception services excluded – vary in a range of €20,00 to € 40,00 per square meter.

The volume, the layout as well as the performance of the building and facilities are factors which significantly affect the final amount of service charges. Often service charges consist of approximately 50% energy costs (utility costs) and approximately 50% costs related to the maintenance and repairs of the office.

After a thorough research we draw up a report, in which we will provide you with our findings and recommendations on the service charges delivered to you. Eventually our research will contribute to the quality of your secondary business processes, whereby you can focus entirely on your primarily business processes.

Service Management


EPOC would be glad to take over your entire service management activities. This because EPOC believes that in many cases service management can be improved and can turn out to be much better and against lower costs. In good consultation with you, we will review your services and invite parties for tenders. EPOC has sufficient key performance indicators based on yearly supplier assessments to put out offers for the best price-quality-ratio which matches your needs.

Project management


Project management includes guidance on the internal housing issues. We bring our knowledge and management skills to your internal projects and building modifications when required. We include current laws and regulations as well as sustainability standards.