The EPOC group is a property management organisation responsible for the management of approximately 500.000 square meters real estate in tThe Netherlands. EPOC provides these services to building owners, developers, tenants and end users. In addition, EPOC is involved in renovations and redevelopments, early on in the planning process as well as during the implementation.

EPOC Netherlands consists of an enthusiastic group of real estate professionals with long term experience in property management and project management. With our products and services, we serve national and international clients since 2001. EPOC offers custom-tailored property management and uses short lines of communication between lessor and lessee. This gives us the possibility to act in a fast and flexible manner on changing circumstances.

EPOC Mission statement

Our mission is to continuously improve the performance of properties for the owner (value growth and yield) as well as for the tenant (transparent and manageable service charges). We believe that a satisfied tenant and a good quality of the property are the basis for an optimum performance of the property on a long term base.

EPOC is in the possession of the ISAE 3402 Type I certificate. This includes that our financial processes which we execute for and on behalf of the clients are recorded and assessed. EPOC is constantly working on the optimisation of the company’s processes, targeting value added aspects as sustainability and social responsibility.

Property & Facility Management

Our services are divided in two categories. For owners and developers of real estate we offer property management activities. For tenants and end-users we offer facility management services.